Why A Copy Machine Rental Should Be The 'Lease' of Your Worries

Office equipment is among the top expenses for offices and businesses. However, many businesses cannot always afford to buy a new copier machine. Going to the copy store to make copies can be an effective alternative, but eventually, the time, money, and effort will begin to add up. Luckily, there is another alternative out there, renting a copier. Renting, or leasing, a copier is a great way for businesses to save money on a new copier machine, without having to actually purchase it.

The Importance of Shredding Confidential Documents

Whether it is your business sensitive information or your clients’, keeping confidential information secure is important. Keeping these sensitive documents that are no longer of use can create the risk of a potential data breach.

If you have confidential documents in your office that are no longer of use, it is important to sort them from the rest and shred them to ensure they are properly destroyed. A data breach can put your business at risk as well as damage your reputation. In this blog, we are going to review reasons why shredding confidential should be one of your top priorities.


Deciding which office equipment rental service to get equipment from, whether its a copier, printer or fax machine, can be a difficult decision for your company. Just like all business decisions, you want to choose an office equipment rental company that best suits your business.

Scenerios When Office Equipment Rentals Make Sense

The are many benefits to renting office equipment for businesses. It not only saves your business money, but it will also ensure that you are working with new and modern equipment and technology designed to help your business do better.

However, it can difficult for some business owners to determine whether or not renting office equipment is the right move. In this blog, we are going to review a few business scenarios where renting office equipment can save you time and money while you reap all of the benefits.


Your business’s copy machine is nearing its end. With this copier, you’ve seen it all: common copy machine problems, frustration, and so on. At one point, instead of continuously repairing an old and worn copier machine, it is to consider other options. Of course, you could purchase a new copier machine or you could choose to rent one. Renting a copier machine has numerous benefits, but knowing whether or not it is the right choice for the size of your business and the industry you are working within. Before making a decision, you should first determine whether or not a copy machine rental agreement will be able to meet the need of your business compared to purchasing the equipment outright.


A copier machine is a vital component of a business’s operations. When the time comes for a new copier, businesses are faced with the decision whether to buy or rent a copier. While in certain instances it may be wise to invest in a copier, sometimes renting a copier can be more beneficial.


Printers continue to play an essential role for businesses, even in today’s digital age. No matter what your business endeavor, it is likely that you will need to print out documents. From articles and memos to important business emails or whatever you choose to print with an office printer, it is important to make sure that the commercial printer is properly maintained to ensure the best results.

The maintenance of an office printer may seem like a time-consuming task, but it actually requires little effort and knowledge. By properly maintaining a commercial printer, employees are less likely to have to deal with printing errors, paper jams, and other serious issues that can cause a delay in productivity. In this blog, we are going to share some easy and helpful maintenance tips for the commercial printers in your office.

5 Common Copier Machine Problems

If there is one piece of office equipment notorious for causing employee frustration and delays, it is without a doubt the copier machine. While these machines are manufactured to execute the task of copying words and images from one piece of paper to another, the copy machine has a bothersome reputation for causing frustration for office employees everywhere. However, with all the hiccups copy machines can cause, knowing what the most common issues are and how to work around them can go a long way towards making the day at the office easier. Here are five of the most common copier machine issues.


The workplace environment is constantly evolving. Not only has the type of work rapidly changed, but dress codes, working styles, and other factors that make up a workplace environment are not what they used to be a decade ago. With all these changes in the workplace, there is one concept that many companies and offices are still putting into use today, even though the idea has been around for quite some time: war rooms. The walls of a war room can help expand a team’s or individual’s memory, provide a canvas for jotting notes down, and act as a long-term storage solution for work and projects that are in progress. In this blog, we are going to talk about the benefits of war rooms, as well as offer some tips for setting up your own.

When Leasing a Laptop Makes More Sense Than Buying a Laptop

In some cases, it just makes more sense to rent laptops for your business.

There are pros and cons to both leasing and buying laptops for your office, but there are several situations when leasing is the smarter choice. Visit us online today at Business Equipment Rentals to learn about those times when renting makes more sense than buying laptops for your business.

Why Your Office Needs a Shredder

Every office needs a shredder.

Paper shredders have been around for more than 100 years, but for a long time, they were typically only found in government offices. Today, however, shredders are much more commonplace, and with good reason. Most businesses in this day and age deal with at least some confidential information, which means that most businesses also need a shredder. Here are just a few reasons why your office might need a shredder.

Must-Have Office Equipment for Your New Business Part 2

Every new business needs the right office equipment.

There are a lot of items to check off your list when you’re in the midst of starting a new business, including getting the right equipment for your office. But, it’s not always easy to determine what that equipment is, especially if you’re a new business owner. Luckily, though, your friends at Business Equipment Rentals Inc. in New York City are here to help. Check out our latest blog to learn about the first few pieces of office equipment you’ll need for your new business, and keep reading to learn more.

Must-Have Office Equipment for Your New Business

Are you starting a new business?

If so, regardless of what kind of business you’re starting, you’re going to need some office equipment. Depending on the kind of business you’re in, you may not need the entire gamut of office equipment right off the bat, but there are a few pieces of equipment almost every business needs. Here is a list of the must-have pieces of office equipment you’ll need for your new business:

10 Reasons Law Firms Should Rent Office Equipment Instead of Buy Part 2

For your new law firm, there are many reasons to consider renting office equipment instead of buying it.

When you’re starting any new business, there are a lot of different things to consider, from what space you should lease or buy for your firm to who you want to choose for your partners. One thing you’ll need to consider is whether you want to buy or rent your office equipment, and it’s important to know that there are many reasons to choose renting instead of buying. If you haven’t already, check out Part One of this series to learn about the first five reasons to rent instead of buy, and keep reading to learn more.

10 Reasons Law Firms Should Rent Office Equipment Instead of Buy

Are You In The Process Of Opening A New Law Firm?

Any new business is going to need office equipment, but for law firms, it’s even more important. Not only do law firms have to have a variety of ways to stay in contact with their clients, they also need printers, shredders, copiers, etc. to do business on even a basic level. You have the choice between renting the office equipment you need and buying it outright, but there are many reasons to choose the former option. Here are the top five reasons to rent equipment for your law firm rather than buying it.

The Benefits Of Renting Office Equipment

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you needed a printer, copier, fax machine, paper shredder, or even laptop, but didn’t have access to one? You most likely felt stressed and worried that the job task you were trying to complete wouldn’t get finished or would be completed way off deadline.

Although we live in a digital age, there is still a need for physical business equipment. In every profession printing and copying documents, shredding papers and forms, and faxing information are essential, unavoidable office duties. And when you’re working remotely or from a temporary office, it becomes even more important to have access to quality office machinery.

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