5 Common Copier Machine Problems

5 Common Copier Machine Problems

If there is one piece of office equipment notorious for causing employee frustration and delays, it is without a doubt the copier machine. While these machines are manufactured to execute the task of copying words and images from one piece of paper to another, the copy machine has a bothersome reputation for causing frustration for office employees everywhere. However, with all the hiccups copy machines can cause, knowing what the most common issues are and how to work around them can go a long way towards making the day at the office easier. Here are five of the most common copier machine issues.

1. Paper Jams

Perhaps the king of copy machine problems, paper jams are sure to cause some office frustration. Paper jams can develop due to a variety of potential reasons, but the most common reason for paper jams is improperly sized paper or loading the paper incorrectly. Checking to ensure these issues are not the factor may just provide you with working solutions.

2. Wrinkled Pages

Paper jams are one thing that causes frustration, but wrinkled pages are in a different ballpark. Nothing is worse than a copier machine printing wrinkled pages. When the copying machine in your office crumples paper when printing, it may be due to worn out feed rollers. Another common reason for wrinkled paper is moisture in the fuser assemblies.

3. Lines On Paper

A quick way to lose that promotion you have been hoping for is to hand your boss important documents that have lines and other deformities. Flaws like these are typically caused by debris and foreign substances on the glass or the mirrors within, but it also can be caused by a faulty drum blade.

4. Spots On Paper

Similar to lines, seeing spots on paper is likely an issue of smudges or debris on the copy mirror or glass. This can be fixed by a proper cleaning. However, a random array of spots repeated throughout the document could be caused by a drum blade malfunction.

5. Copies Are Too Light

If the copies your copier machine disperses lack color or are not dark enough, this is generally caused by density setting errors. However, it is possible that the drum could be losing effectiveness or that the toner in the machine is bad.

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The Solution To Copier Machine Problems

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